St. Helena Docks

Pulling out on Captain Craig’s crab boat, we set out on an adventure through the winding marshgrass towards St. Helena Sound. Looking back, we stopped briefly as a huge cloud formation appeared above these docks. Doing my best to steady the camera on a floating boat, the capture was taken. This imagine signifies the disappearing south, the remaining soldiers of our proud and historic shrimping industry.

  • Available Panoramic Sizes
  • 44 x 26 inches
  • 66 x 36 inches
  • 103 x 50 inches
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  • $1195
  • $2450
  • $8495

** Outer Dimensions referenced for size. Larger Pieces (40in or bigger include delivery within 500 miles of Gallery). Shipping will be added to smaller pieces after completion of the sale.


Each piece of art is personally printed and framed by Artist Andrew Branning. Using musuem quality standards, each masterwork utilizes musuem quality acrylic, acid free materials and rustic distressed wood. Signed and numbered, each limited edition piece will come with a certificate of authenticity including the story behind the image.


20 Artist Proof

230 Limited Edition