Visual Artist Andrew Branning

Visual artist Andrew Branning was born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina.  He is a graduate of Catawba College School of Business and is a self-taught photographer.  His journey through the world of photography started with a book series titled, Shrimp, Collards and Grits.  These best-selling Southern lifestyle books featured Andrew’s food photography and Lowcountry images.  This success led him to become sought after as a designer of other high-end coffee-table books.  He has been the primary designer for dozens of book projects, including the prestigious Princess of Saudi Arabia.

Black and White Photography Story

Through his assignments with books and magazines he discovered his love for black and white photography.  About 5 years ago he purchased a large format printer on Craigslist for $500.00 not knowing if it would ever work.  At first it could barely run but through weeks of working to restore it, freeing it of clogged lines and spider webs, it began to operate and he was able to begin the task of perfecting the black and white print.  He uses a technique called “Piezography.” Piezography is a special black and white printing process that utilizes 7 special shades of black to give amazing tonal value to an image. These prints were then offered for sale at Four Corners Gallery in Bluffton, South Carolina.  From there they were placed in some of the most beautiful homes and offices in the area. Today, Andrew continues the never-ending learning process of both image capture and printing.Now his Craigslist printer has been retired and he is utilizing a new Epson Surecolor printer. He has also expanded to his new gallery location in Habersham, South Carolina, just outside the town of Beaufort.

Photography Approach

Andrew uses the latest in digital camera technology from Sony, Nikon & Leica to capture the highest quality digital negative for large format printing. He approaches the darkroom as if he were editing film, by utilizing minimal photoshop techniques such as dodge and burn. Uniquely to Andrew is his style and ability to go from fine art portraiture, landscape & field journalism. Andrew has been a photographer for 10 years and his work can be seen in magazines and multiple best-selling book publications.

Why Black and White?

Andrew believes we are inundated with color all day between television, youtube, ads and computers.  The black and white medium slows everything down and requires the viewer to study the image and experience the depth of the visual message.


You may view Andrew’s work in the following publications:

Author Pat Branning

Shrimp, Collards and Grits Volumes I,II and III, Pullin’ Pots and Magnolias, Porches and Sweet Tea by Southern author, Pat Branning.

Shrimp Collards and Grits magazine

The book series turned into a magazine series that ran for 2 years and 8 issues.  Andrew served as the designer, photographer, publisher and account executive.

Charleston Style & Design magazine